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How to stop a puppy from chewing

How To Stop A Puppy From Chewing?

Your newly bought Louis Vuitton bag has turned into pieces. Shocked! Your little terrier is happily chewing your Gucci shoes. All your hard earned money and your luxury items have been wasted. But, it’s too hard for you to yell at those furry, fluffy cute face. Thinking what to do! Remember, puppy chewing is an […]

How to train a puppy to stop digging holes

How To Stop A Puppy From Digging?

One evening after returning from your office, you find that your pup is busy in an excavation work. The things that bother you is the dirt, mud and the nasty pieces of stuff that your little pooch consumes while digging. Plus, he gets extremely dirty and ruins your favorite shoe, vintage furniture or costly carpet. […]

Top Commands That Are Necessary For Your Dogs to Learn

If you are having a dog as your pet, then dog training is an essential thing you need to follow. Dogs can be cute, cuddly and a good friend of yours but they can also become big troublemakers if not properly trained. Commands play a significant role in dog training since it helps a lot […]