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puppy siting

Sit Command: How To Train A Puppy To Sit?

Getting a puppy to your home is not just a matter of joy, but a responsibility too. To ensure the puppy learns obedience, it is essential to teach the command ‘sit’. Making them relate to this command with their natural behavior of sitting on their own is the first step of training them. Once your […]

How to train your puppy to stop pulling on the leash

How To Stop Your Puppy From Pulling On The Leash (Leash Training)?

Leash pulling is one of the significant danger that can put a dog into severe troubles. In many shelter homes, many innocent canines hurt themselves or die due to leash aggression. As a puppy owner, you don’t have to be scared as the problem can be managed with proper assistance and patience. The pace of […]

Teach your puppy come command

How To Get A Puppy Come To You (Come Command) When Called?

It’s a real pleasure to see your pup comes running to you whenever you call him. The ‘come’ command is a lifesaving skill. Whenever you return home from the day’s job, the little tail wags and the tiny pup comes first to you to get pampering. But, if the puppy is not coming even after […]

Top Commands That Are Necessary For Your Dogs to Learn

If you are having a dog as your pet, then dog training is an essential thing you need to follow. Dogs can be cute, cuddly and a good friend of yours but they can also become big troublemakers if not properly trained. Commands play a significant role in dog training since it helps a lot […]