It’s a real pleasure to see your pup comes running to you whenever you call him. The ‘come’ command is a lifesaving skill. Whenever you return home from the day’s job, the little tail wags and the tiny pup comes first to you to get pampering.

But, if the puppy is not coming even after calling, you need to do certain activities. Keep in mind that the foundation of recall is a strong bond between you and your pup. You need to keep a definite link with the command. High value treats also help.

Teach your puppy come to you when called

Why Your Puppy Doesn’t Listen To You?

It’s the most critical question. Several reasons are there:

  • You may not be fun enough for your baby canine. If they are not coming to you, it indicates that they have learned that there is a better reward in avoiding you. For example, the pup is busy in chasing squirrels or chewing toys.

Remedy: You have to be more interesting to your puppy in comparison to the present task they are doing.

  • Train your pooch. You have to provide the right tools. If you still feel that the puppy is not listening to you, it means that the pup does not understand your command.

Remedy: A formal training can help. Hire a professional dog trainer. It is one of the best ways to make your pup behave well and listen to you.

  • Never be too harsh or render severe punishment to the puppy. Let’s take an example; your puppy returns home after loitering throughout the neighborhood. If you punish them after returning home, they will link the punishment with the last act that is home return.

Remedy: Take proper dog training class for help.

  • The ignorance from your pup can be due to the language barrier. Both of you are not understanding each other.

Remedy: Dogs relate to body language like movement, eye contact, posture, etc. Try conditioning them through body language.

  • Time can be a real issue. They may not make out the reason for reward or punishment due to improper timing.

Remedy: Concentrate on rewarding timely after they do a specific task you asked for.

Steps To Make Your Dog Come To You When Called

come command for puppy
  • Never poison your cue. After calling the puppies through the command “come,” don’t scold or beat them after their arrival. Never do any negative thing that they don’t like. For example- locking them in a crate/scolding them/tying them. The pups should understand that coming to you is always fun and rewarding.

  • Always use a specific word like “come,” or “hey” whenever you are calling the four-legged buddy. Don’t change the word. If you are using any word while punishing the pup, never use the same word while calling them to praise or feed.

  • For perfect training, make a list of dog distraction elements. You can use the list while training your pooch. Keep those things away that are difficult for them to ignore.

  • Using your pup’s name can help. Don’t make any negative association with the name. For example:- “ Marshall, No!” Instead, reward them whenever you call by the name. Linking reward to their name will make them come running to you.


why your puppy/ dog don't come back to you when called

Go to professional dog trainers for help. Trainers will interpret the relationship between your pup and you. They will make your little canine friend learn to listen to your commands like- sit, lie down, walk with you, stay with you, etc. And will teach you how to improve the bond.

Next time, you ring the doorbell, the first glance will be your cute little puppy coming to you. Have a happy life with your pup.