Like humans, dogs are fond of social activities. Eating together is an essential socialization for a family. Our pets are our family members. They also join us at our dining table. But, the real problem arrives when the furry pooch starts being aggressive for food, and things and keeps on whining and pawing to get that.

We can term this kind of behavior as begging that is beyond annoyance. Begging can be dangerous too. Remember, if you keep on pampering your cute little pup by giving them your food whenever they are begging, it will not only create a bad habit but also generate health problems as all human foods are not meant for dogs. Your loyal friend can be obese, hyperactive and anxious.

ignore your puppy begging for food

Why Do Puppy Beg For Food?

Let’s understand the reason behind begging:

Dogs are natural scavengers. Begging is a learned or conditioned behavior. If your pup discovers that barking, whining, pawing, gazing, drooling, nudging and touching the humans can get them food and other alluring rewards, they will continue or repeat the begging expecting for the same pampering in the future.

Sometimes, we intentionally teach our puppies to beg for food. Whereas, sometimes we don’t know that our mollycoddling is turning into lousy begging habits for our pups. As a result, they will beg everytime they want our attention, toys, food, belly rubbing, affection and others that give them comfort and satisfaction.

why do dogs beg for food?

Steps To Handle A Pup Begging For Food

The begging behavior of your puppies can skilfully be dealt. You have to be patient and gentle to the little furry being.

dog or pup asking for food from owners plate
  • Don’t pay attention or look at those lovely faces when you are having your food. If you concentrate on them when they are pulling your cloth, whining, barking or gazing greedily, they will think that it’s okay to beg. Inform your family members to do the same.

  • Stop giving your pup food from your plate. He is supposed to eat dog food only from his respective bowl.

  • When you sit to eat, keep your pup away from the dining area. Keep him in a crate, and make sure he remains there till you finish your food.

  • Train your furry friend to engage in some other activities while you have your meal. You can give them a chewing toy. Condition him repeatedly until they are habituated with it.

  • You can take your canine buddy for a long walk before dinner. This activity will make him tired. A tired and worn out pup won’t be begging anymore.

  • Feed your dog when it’s time for you to have your own meal. They will no more be hungry after completion of their food. It means no more begging for food. You can eat your food peacefully at the same time.

  • Consistency is the key. Be committed that no matter what, you are not going to be weak and give your pup food from your plate whenever he is begging for it. Stay firm.

  • Start sending your pup to a separate room whenever they beg. Our canine friends are social beings. Hence, if isolated repeatedly whenever they start asking for food, will eventually make them understand that the particular activity is not allowed to do.

  • Condition your pup by making him sit at a specific place. Whenever he moves from the distinct position, return the puppy to the same location through your command. Be calm and patient. After making him sit/stay at the previous place, silently walk away and never look back.

  • You can tether him to any unmovable stuff. Keep him busy chewing a toy. Be sure that the pup is on a leash and it is hooked to something so that they can’t come to you and beg.

  • If you wish to feed your puppy some leftover people food healthy for dogs, then kindly give the food in the specific bowl that is meant for them.

  • You have to be strong to ignore your pup’s effort to beg. Don’t look at them, pat their back and head, smile or give food whenever they ask you. In fact, the best way is to completely ignore their existence when they tend to beg.

  • You can be a little harsh by locking him outside when you want to eat. Do it if everything else seems to fail.


cute dog begging for food

Yelling at your tiny pup won’t help. Stop paying heed to the furball no matter how cute he looks while begging. Otherwise, this habit will turn into a nightmare as the four-legged friend will beg from every visitor in your house in future.