Your newly bought Louis Vuitton bag has turned into pieces. Shocked! Your little terrier is happily chewing your Gucci shoes. All your hard earned money and your luxury items have been wasted. But, it’s too hard for you to yell at those furry, fluffy cute face.

Thinking what to do!

Remember, puppy chewing is an essential aspect of the teething stage. Also, pups chew things for fun and to be out of the boredom. It is also associated with the displacement behavior which is a medium to get relieved from stress and release suppressed energy.

Below Are A Few Tips To Stop A Puppy From Chewing

Give Your Dog Chew Toys

Chewing toys is an excellent way to keep the puppies busy. If your pup tends to chew essential items of your home, interrupt and re-direct him towards a chewable toy meant for dogs.

Best chew toys for puppies

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Get a stuffed Kong toy. Store it in a zipped bag and refrigerate. Whenever your puppy urge to chew something, produce the stuffed toy before him. Many puppies chew on a particular time. Record it so that you can always provide him the best-approved chewie.

Puppy-Proof Your House

How to puppy or dog proof your house

Managing the environment is one of the best ways to change your puppy’s chewing behavior. Make your home “puppy-proof.” Keep your wardrobe closed. Put your shoes in a closet. Keep your little four-legged friends in a crate when you are not at home. Keep the chewable toys in front of them.

Bad Taste Sprays

Spray to keep puppies from chewing furniture

Your pups also have taste buds. They certainly don’t like to consume something bitter or spicy. Spray the essential items with Bitter Apple Spray. You can use Boundary Dog Repellent. Besides, make use of a Scat Mat at the countertop’s border. If your cute pup finds unpleasant things, he will refrain from chewing them.

Consult A Veterinarian For Medical Problems

Consult a vet to make your pup stop chewing

It’s not possible for an amateur to accurately diagnose the medical issues lying behind the little puppy’s chewing habits. Take him to a reputed veterinarian to find out if there are any medical issues.

The puppy can have chewing problem for few reasons like hunger, anxiety, boredom, teething, lack of exercise, attention seeking, etc. If the chewing behavior is not for these reasons, then only a veterinarian can help telling why the pup is chewing. A veterinarian can provide professional aid in case of fear-related behavior and separation anxiety of your puppy.

Again, intestinal parasitism, nutritional deficiencies, etc. lead to pica that is often misunderstood as chewing. Even, a gastrointestinal issue generates nausea that promotes chewing as a coping mechanism. Hence, it’s better to take your pup to a vet for discovering the real medical condition. If diagnosed with any problem, the puppies can be treated with medication.

Encourage For Appropriate And Discourage For Inappropriate Chewing

encourage and discourage dog for chewing appropriate and inappropriate things respectively
  • Each dog is different. They have personal preferences. As you are dealing with baby dogs, be careful as some can chew of beef bones, rawhides, sharp items, etc. and swallow them which will block their esophagus and small intestine causing severe health issues. Never give any bones to your puppies to chew. Monitor them while they are prone to eat something. The sharp objects can puncture the innocent pup’s gastrointestinal tract.

  • Encourage appropriate chewing by providing them with dental chewsticks, greenies, and nylabones. These pieces of stuff resist the dental illness.

  • Dog-friendly toys like kongs and balls can be given. Check the hole in the kong type toy, as big size hole can, unfortunately, get the little puppy’s lower jaw fastened in it.

  • Take the particular object away from your canine if it is not supposed to be chewed. A mild scolding works. Praise him when he eats the right thing. You can apply taste deterrents like bitter apple, citrus peels, etc. Re-direct your pup’s chewing behavior with the correct item.

Make Him Tired

Make your dog tired to make him stop chewing
  • If you make your puppy run, walk, jump, fetch rigorously at a stretch, he will obviously be out of enough energy to chew things. Check whether your baby pooch is getting adequate mental stimulation and fulfilling life.

  • Increase the training time and sessions. Give them mentally stimulating toys to play with. Elevate the number of repetitions of the structured exercise. If still, the chewing habit persists, consult a dog trainer and take your puppy to a good veterinarian.


Chewing is a natural activity of dogs. Puppies can chew for fun, release anxiety and stimulation. Chewing is a good activity as it helps in the teething stage. If you provide them with the appropriate chewing things, it won’t lead to any problem at all.