One evening after returning from your office, you find that your pup is busy in an excavation work. The things that bother you is the dirt, mud and the nasty pieces of stuff that your little pooch consumes while digging. Plus, he gets extremely dirty and ruins your favorite shoe, vintage furniture or costly carpet.

Why Do Pups Dig?

Several reasons are there:

Why Do Puppies Dig Under The Fence?

Sometimes, we see our puppies digging under the fence. The reasons are as followed:

  • They are bored.

  • They are seeking a prey to catch.

  • Digging helps in mental stimulation.

  • They want to escape and go outside.

  • Some puppies dig instinctively.

  • If they see another dog on the other side, they can dig under the fence to make a hole to slip out.

How To Prevent A Pup From Digging Under The Fence?

Why puppies or dogs dig under the fence in yard
  • Supervision is the primary thing you must do to prevent your cute pup from digging. Your puppy won’t dig if you are aware and around him.

  • Distract your pet. Redirect the little pooch in some other activities like playing with them, making them run and exercise, providing them with ample toys to play. Breeds who have an instinct to dig need redirection the most.

  • Construct a specific digging area for them.

  • You can sprinkle black pepper, capsicum pepper, Tabasco sauce, etc. around the fence’s perimeter and right at the digging spot.

  • Find out what is the reason behind the digging behavior. You can fortify your garden’s fence into a ‘no dig fence.’ Strengthening your barrier can demotivate your furry friend in tunneling.

  • An ‘L-Footer’ is a smart and fast way to prevent your puppy from digging. Put a ‘chicken wire’ in an L-shape manner along the base and the bottom of the fence. You can also install a readymade chicken wire made of galvanized steel. They include straight rods customized as per the size of the dogs.

  • You can add shrubs to the fence’s perimeter and can place landscaping rocks. These activities will give a beautiful look to your property and discourage the pup to dig holes.

  • Create a barrier so that your little canine can’t see what happens on the other side of the fence.

  • You can opt for an electric fence. It is also commonly called as “ invisible fence.” You can easily set it up. It is similar to place a perimeter post or to bury a wire along the fence’s length.

  • You can use the redundant or double fence for generating an extra barrier for your lovely puppy.

  • Adding an airlock can help you. It is fitted outside the entry and exit point.

  • Add dog gates and exercise playpens for keeping your canine safe in your lawn. Get the portable kinds of stuff too. You can keep your dog in the secured container anywhere.

Why Do Puppies Dig In Beds?

Another peculiar habit of puppies is digging in beds. They scratch, dig and end up in tearing the bed sheet often.

  • It is a pre-sleep habit.

  • Also, the pups dig in beds for establishing a comfort zone.

  • For many dogs, it’s an instinct to dig in beds.

  • Temperature control is another cause for digging in bed. Dogs possess limited sweat glands. When the temperature is too hot, the pups dig to expose a big area where they can lay and cool down. Whereas, in cold weather, they wish to curl up in a self-made pit for being absorbed in own’s body heat.

How To Stop A Pup From Digging The Bed?

How to stop a puppy/dog digging/tearing his/your bed
  • Don’t pressure or punish your beautiful puppy for digging in bed. Rather redirect the behavior.

  • Don’t allow your furball to sleep with you on the bed or to get/jump on the couch.

  • Arrange for a comfortable zone for your baby dog to sleep. A separate dog bed with some blankets are enough. They can dig there and not your bed.

  • You can use open crates, boxes to make dog dens. Let them dig in there. It will satisfy their instincts and save your bed.

  • A loud voice of yours can work too. Whenever, you find your pup digging in your bed, shout of “No.” Let him understand that he is doing the wrong thing and is not allowed on your bed.

Home Remedies To Prevent A Puppy From Digging?

There is no rocket science behind preventing a puppy from digging.

Placing barrier for dogs to dig
  • Give ample time and attention to your pup. Like humans, dogs are attention seekers. If they realize that digging holes can get you towards them for whatever reason, they will continue doing it. If you play with your dog or pamper him investing more time than before, then they can be redirected in other activities (playing).

  • Diagnose the root for digging. Few digging can be random without any particular reason, but many times, you can find out a specific cause for the behavior.

  • A bored dog is a dangerous dog. They can ruin your bed, garden, etc. by digging if they have no work to do. Provide entertainment like toys and play games like fetching balls, catching Frisbee, etc.

  • Make your pup walk and run or exercise vigorously so that they get tired.

  • Socializing with other dogs can help. Let your pup make canine friends.

  • Use garden fencing for closing the digging area. Place rocks at the spot. Give him the sign of disapproval when he is digging.

  • Put an inflated balloon at the digging spot. Cover it with dirt.

  • Install a motion sensor that delivers loud noise.

  • Set up a sprinkler.

  • Citrus peels help a lot. Use orange, grapefruit, and lemon.

  • Use negative environment like a loud noise without being seen.

  • Teach your puppy basic commands: Sit, Heel, Stop, No, Go, etc.

  • Make a dog digging sandbox.

Digging Deterrents

  1. Thorny shrubs
  2. Rose bushes
  3. Vinegar
  4. Citrus Peels
  5. Cayenne
  6. Rocks for partial bury
  7. Plastic chicken wire
  8. Nets
  9. Sprinkler


Being harsh or beating your puppy won’t help at all. Instead, it can harm the innocent being emotionally and physically. Remember, digging is natural for dogs. Be polite and try the tricks mentioned above in this piece of article. If all else fails, visit a dog specialist or a professional dog trainer who can make your little puppy behave well and orderly.