It is indeed a happy welcome home when your pup greets you with love. Sometimes this overwhelming, affectionate greeting could become a problem if your puppy has started jumping on you. The jump of joy becomes inconvenient and problematic when it grows up.

guest scared of jumping puppy

More issues are likely to come up when it happens with your visitors too. Keep calm, there is nothing to worry about your pet’s physiological characteristics. It can be solved by a proper understanding of the reasons why your pet shows this behavior and training them accordingly. Wondering how to stop your puppy from jumping?? Here are the explanations for all your doubts – both, the reasons and how to sort them out with proper training.

Why Do Puppy Jump On Guests?

  • The foremost thing to analyze is why do puppy jump on guests. This behavior needs to be understood so that we could effectively solve this issue. When it comes to the case of a large breed like a Labrador, a jumping dog can be the most annoying thing, especially when it jumps on children. Such situations need to be avoided since it might lead to injuries too. Hence it is essential to find out the reason.

  • It could be a “hello” from the pet’s side to start a new companionship with the new person to the house. They do jump such that they gain the person’s attention at once and to become more close to him.

  • Once any of their behavior has got enough attention from your side, puppies regard them as a big reward. It need not always be from your side; it may be any of your guests, a dog lover, who enjoyed your little pup’s adorable plays and encouraged him. The puppy considers it a nice move to seek human attention by repeating the things they get rewarded of, and hence they jump on guests, other in-house members, or even the people at the park. Jumping up is adorable only when your dog is young, and it is much hated when a puppy grows up.

  • The most appropriate answer to why do puppy jump on guests could be the fact that people are taller than them; hence they jump up to be more close to their face. While considering the case of dogs, they do a lot of sniffing while greeting each other. The reasons for this behavior is the odor that is emanated from different parts of their body, including the private parts and mouth. Hence they try to reach the mouth of humans too, to have contact with you. It is thus a natural canine behavior that they make use of to be friendly with humans.

Steps To Train A Puppy Not To Jump

training puppy not to jump
  • Rewarding your dog to sit on its paws on the ground seems an excellent idea to try out. Whenever your dog jumps on you, say the ‘sit’ command if it understands the same, and appreciate it for sitting down there. At the same time, make sure that you turn your body away from the pet and don’t look at it or speak when it jumps on you, it will help the dog to realize you hate the behavior, following this technique ,the dog will definitely lose its interest to jump since better appreciation comes its way when it sits.

  • A single rule strategy for all, including the guests, is a wiser decision. It will be helpful to train your dog to a mat in case somebody is going to visit you. Don’t punish them if they behave something that you are not fond of, it will make them anxious. Instead, redirect them to some other good deeds and most importantly, do reward them for that. It works!!!!

  • Don’t react to the jumping up and completely ignore the behavior and this will show your dog that he is not going to grab anybody’s attention. Make sure all your family members take part in this training for not to encourage jumping up. You need to repeat this consistently until the dog stops doing this.

  • A minimum of 30 minutes aerobic exercise a day is essential for the adult dogs to be healthy and active. If the lack of activity is the reason, then make sure you provide your dog the required diet, exercise and mental stimulation so that you can eradicate the nuisance of jumping up.


teach puppy not to jump

It is not a good thing to watch your pet jumping upon someone who is afraid of dogs. The annoying behavior of jumping of your pets needs to be analyzed and corrected for the sake of everyone’s safety as well as comfort. Always keep in mind that you should never reward your pet on things you don’t want to encourage further. Instead train them accordingly that they follow your commands and possess a better behavior, causing no inconvenience to others as well.

We hope after reading our article you know how to stop a pup from jumping. If you have some other ways to handle them, do let us know! We love to hear from our readers.