Woof! Woof!

The continuous barking of your pup snatches your sleep and peace of mind. Even your neighbors complain about the noise. You are wondering the reason behind your little pup’s whining and barking and don’t know how to handle it.

Excessive barking and whining can be the call of your puppy for attention. It’s entirely reasonable for pets to ask for care. Dogs love to socialize and hence, they want company all the time.

why do dogs bark and whin for attention

Reasons For The Unnecessary Whining And Barking Of Your Puppy

  • Medical problems like loss of eyesight and hearing

  • Aging

  • The feeling of being lost and vulnerable

  • Anxious

  • Fear

  • Dental issue

  • Issues in the dog’s mouth

  • Puppies whose needs are not met ( The needs include exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction)

  • Dogs having past of being re-homed

  • Pups experiencing changes like the owner has started leaving home for work

  • Nearby loud noise like construction work, airplane flying, etc.

Solution To Train Your Puppy To Stop Barking And Whining For Attention

reason for excessive whining and barking of your puppy
  • Ignoring your puppy is the best remedy to stop the whining and barking for attention. It may be hard for you to stop looking at your pup when he starts whining or barking.

  • Don’t smile at your puppy. He will take it as enough attention and will repeat the same behavior whenever he wants your heed.

  • Don’t make eye contact whenever the adorable pup woofs at a stretch for long. Continuous barking indicates that he is an attention seeker. Your eye contact will give him the signal that he will get your attention whenever he asks for it.

  • Be aware as the canine can whine louder if ignored. But if you continue to take no notice of the whining, the baby dog will finally learn that he is supposed to stay calm and behave well.

  • Rewards always help. When the tiny furry puppy remains calm, reward him. If you repeatedly treat him whenever he stops whining or barking, the positive behavior will be reinforced.

  • Don’t take any step without proper planning. You have to plan ahead. You can ask the expert dog trainer about any alternative option for stopping the barking and whining.

  • Focus on the specific reason for the useless whining. For example, if the pup starts barking/whining everytime you are on the phone, you can give him a distraction like a chewing toy to keep him occupied and not disturb you in between your telephonic conversation. Again, when the four-legged baby calms down, reward him with great treats.

  • Scolding the puppy will make things worse. Even a simple and loud “No” of yours can make him believe that you are paying attention and the puppy dog will wag the tail and keep on repeating the irritating whining and barking.

  • Train your young pooch how to be calm. It’s not possible to stop his whining every single time. For example, if the lovely puppy needs to pee, or go to number two, he will naturally bark to make you alert of his emergency situation. This time, you can’t help it but take him outside.

  • In other times during continuous groaning and moaning, tell the pup to sit or lie. If he does it, treat him with fascinating stuff.


solutions to stop a puppy's excessive whining and barking for attention

Have patience. Erasing one lousy behavior and replacing it with a good one require ample time. A professional pet trainer can help you in case you can’t succeed in doing the needful. Never be rude to your puppy. After all, your dog loves you.