A couple of weeks back a new member has arrived at your home, a cute little German Shepherd, who is your soul. You both love each other above everything else. The only problem arises with the continuous barking. No matter what, the cuddly puppy keeps on barking at the door: whenever he hears some noise, whenever the vendors knock the door, whenever your maid enters the house, whenever you enter and exit.

puppy barking at door

Barking is the natural tendency of dogs. It is their voice and language. But unnecessary and unpredictable barking of the puppies needs to be taken care as it can have various reasons behind it.

Dogs communicate with humans through barking. All breeds bark at the door.

Why Do Dogs Bark At The Door?

why do puppies bark at door
  • Your baby canine may want you to know something. If the doorbell rings and you are not responding, the pup may think that you are not aware of it. So, he starts barking to alert you.

  • Your dog is your bodyguard and wants to protect you. He wants to warn you that a human has approached your premises. Young and baby dogs learn fast to link the doorbell with a stranger. He reacts through continuous barking.

  • Dogs associate sound to the activities that happen right after the sound.

  • It can also happen that the puppy has experienced in the past that doorbell is immediately followed up by someone opening the door.

  • Again, the pup has experienced that someone enters the door followed by the doorbell/knock and opening. Therefore, the furry friend wants you to know that a person has come and wish to enter the home.

  • Dogs are curious beings. The adorable canine wants to know and see who is on the other side of the door. They want interaction as they are social beings. Hence, whenever there is some noise/ring/knocks at the door, the pup thinks that the new person is going to pet, play and pamper him. So, the bark continues.

  • Sometimes puppies bark due to interruption at the status quo. A ringing doorbell or a knocking door indicates that something new will happen. Especially, when a pup is busy in another activity like chewing a toy, eating food, chasing a ball, etc.; the doorbell creates a pause in the current task as a completely different one is Going to occur.

  • It may happen that the puppy is sleeping and the sound of the door knock is the cause of an unpleasant awakening. The dog gets alert and starts speaking in the canine language that someone is on the other side of the door. Hence, he barks until you open the door.

  • Fear is one of the reason for continuous barking at the door. The ringing of the bell, knocking at the door can be very frightening to the little pup. It is the natural tendency of the dogs to remain concern about the owner. So, he barks to make the human companion cautious of the unknown waiting at the opposite side of the door.

Steps To Teach A Dog To Stop Barking At The Door

Barking dog at door
  • First, you must define certain works for your baby pooch to avoid yelling at the door. Train the innocent and concerned baby dog to ignore the sound and be calm. Teach him to be busy in another activity like sitting quietly, go to the crate, look for a present/treat or go and lie on the mat.

  • Be aware as different dog behaves differently. An aggressive or scared dog must be taught to leave the door area and go to another corner in the home, whereas an excited and friendly dog may be taught various calmer responses and remain near the door area.

  • You must teach your four-legged buddy to stop barking when commanded. You can hire a professional dog trainer who will teach him every activity that is required to be a good and productive dog.

  • Set a particular time for the training purpose and do it daily. Ask someone like a family member or a neighbor to do the role of a visitor who will ring the doorbell or knock.

  • You can use training aids like a clicker and rewards, crate and bed meant for your puppy.

  • Reward a quiet and calm puppy. Ignore when they are loud and barking. Gradually the puppy will understand that they are not supposed to yell at the door.

  • Use a single command language like “ quiet/ cool/etc.” so that the puppy start understanding to it.


You can punish the little furry friend, but not harshly. Beating the pup is not necessary at all. If nothing can stop the barking, then visit a veterinarian. It may be due to any medical issue.