Leash pulling is one of the significant danger that can put a dog into severe troubles. In many shelter homes, many innocent canines hurt themselves or die due to leash aggression. As a puppy owner, you don’t have to be scared as the problem can be managed with proper assistance and patience.

The pace of a dog’s walk is much faster than that of a human. When the dogs are outside under the open sky, they tend to stimulate their hunting and exploring nature. Hence, they start to pull on the leash for a quick run while walking by your side. It’s difficult for canine friends to control their natural impulses.

Puppy leash training

Teach your puppy from the first day you start taking him for a walk. Positively train him so that no discomfort arises in the future.

Steps To Train Your Dog Not To Pull On The Leash

Many times, we cannot tackle the situation and become scared of the teaching process as there is a chance to get pulled over. Solutions are there for training the pup not to pull the leash and walk in the right manner.

steps to leash train your pup
  • Often puppies find leash pulling to be a fun and successful activity as the human companion agrees and reinforces it by permitting the little canine friend to go wherever he wants.

  • Use training aid like a ‘chest-led harness.’ It takes away the pressure from the pup’s neck through the pressure-distribution process evenly along the whole body. Whenever the puppy pulls on the leash that is linked to a ring situated on the chest strap; the harness turns the pup’s body around instead of letting him go ahead.

  • You can use this useful trick:Whenever you find that the small furry pup is pulling on the leash, give him a cue like “Let’s go/ Come” and turn away from him. Then, start walking in the opposite direction without giving a jerk on the leash.

  • Usually, puppies are not physically strong to pull you along with the leash. Hence, whenever they tend to drag, stop immediately and stand still until they relax. They will either step back or turn towards you. After the pup rests, you can proceed the journey again.

  • Rewards always work wonders: Reinforce the pup’s choice to walk by your side by providing them with an alluring treat when they obey you.

  • Use your body language and short commands like “No/Stop/Easy,” etc. for making your pup understand that he is supposed to walk evenly with you without pulling on the leash.

  • Do this after your pup learns to obey you and walk in the right manner:Be unpredictable yourself. Make your puppy understand that he has to listen to you every time. He must turn when you turn, walk when you walk and stop when you stop (except it’s the dog’s pooping/peeing time).

Praise him for listening to you. Repeat each process until you succeed. Dog trainers are always there to help your pup behave well.


how to stop a pup from pulling leash

Training your pup correctly is essential. Never try to hit the innocent dog. They speak canine, and you speak human language ( English and your mother language). Your pup may not understand your demand and vice versa. Buy a head collar and a front- attachment harness. Both are safe and are ‘no-pull’ devices.

The simplest way to train your cute little puppy is pausing from moving forward whenever he pulls. Never forget to admire and give them dog-friendly rewards when they walk by your side peacefully.