Getting a puppy to your home is not just a matter of joy, but a responsibility too. To ensure the puppy learns obedience, it is essential to teach the command ‘sit’. Making them relate to this command with their natural behavior of sitting on their own is the first step of training them. Once your pup becomes familiar and obedient with the sit command, you have successfully taught them the first necessary step of the obedience commands. This command will be the foundation of teaching further commands needed for your puppy to have good behavior throughout their lifetime. Here are some tips and steps that will help you understand how to train your puppy to sit.

When Can You Start Training A Puppy To Sit?

best way to train a puppy to sit

The juvenile stage is not at all a good time to start training your pup. This might make you wonder, when is the right time to teach your puppy the ‘Sit’ command. Well, the best expected time for this is once they are 7-8 weeks of age. At this early age, they can grasp all simple obedience commands including the ‘sit’ command. Everything that we teach them in the puppyhood remains for the lifetime. So if they pick up a bad habit or have bad behavior, correct them right away.

Things Needed To Start Training Your Puppy To Sit

group of puppy sitting

Treats are usually the most attractive thing your pup loves while training. There are a few more things needed to start training your puppy to sit. The use of different training supplies that are readily available in the markets will be helpful too. Have a look at them here!

  • A collar and a leash with solid grip are the best choices for training a puppy. Training can be a task if your pup isn’t under your control. Having the leash in your hand will let you control his actions and help him understand that he needs to obey your commands.

  • A clicker, to mark the desirable behaviors of your pet, is available in any pet shop near you. Instead of clickers, you could also appreciate good practice with the use of bridging words like ‘Yes’ or ‘Great’ or any similar word that makes your pet feel rewarded.

  • Tasty treats, as mentioned above, is a must-have in the list of items needed to train your puppy to sit. It is the most general behavior of dogs to repeat the things for which they are getting rewards. The easiest way to teach is by offering some tasty treats in the practice sessions.

How To Teach Your Puppy To Sit

Gather all the things you need and then focus on the steps to teach your puppy to sit. When it comes to location, indoor training is preferred at the initial stages of training and then gradually changing to outdoor areas is suggested. Here are the steps to train your pup to sit. Have a look!

sitting puppy
  • Sit beside your pet somewhat at her level and then offer some reward to make her sit down.

  • Place the treat close to the puppy’s nose and slowly move it back towards her rear end. The puppy’s head will now be facing its back, making its rear end lower towards the floor.

  • Use the clicker or the bridging word the moment they sit. Give the treat to reward them.

  • Repeat these steps with regular interval timings of 10-15 minutes.

  • With continuous practice, the pup will pick up the command soon.


Training your puppy to sit, may seem difficult at the beginning but practice makes everything easy and doable. Practice gentle teaching methods consistently to achieve your results. But remember to take enough breaks so that the pup does not get tired and loses its focus entirely on the training session.