Top Commands That Are Necessary For Your Dogs to Learn


If you are having a dog as your pet, then dog training is an essential thing you need to follow. Dogs can be cute, cuddly and a good friend of yours but they can also become big troublemakers if not properly trained. Commands play a significant role in dog training since it helps a lot to control your dog’s behavior and also keep them safe as well as the people around. So irrespective the type of dog you have, you should make them learn these top 10 commands to control their behavior.

Basic Dog Commands

Start with the basic commands so that you can establish your control over the dog as it will sync the body language of you and your pooch. Once the dog recognizes and starts obeying these commands, then you can go to the next level. Begin with the ten commands given below which are the most basic but important aspect of obedience training. These commands should be routinely practiced as it is just not for obedience but also will be used in the daily chores of your dog’s life.
• Sit
• Stay
• Heel
• Come back
• Lie down
• Down
• Leave it
• Drop it
• No
• Wait

1. Sit

It is the first thing that you need to teach your pooch as this helps to control the dog’s inclination to jump or to chase people. Make sure that the dog rests his butt completely on the ground when you say “sit” in a firm manner. If required, keep some treats with you and see he pays attention to you. Once he obeys you, reward him with a treat.

2. Stay

Teach your dog to “stay” as it will help in harnessing his unwanted hyperactivity and the tendency to run into dangerous situations. Say “stay” in a firm, clear voice showing your palm so that the dog does not move from its original position. When the dog complies to your word, wait for a while and then praise the dog with a treat. Repeat the whole thing till the time he listens attentively.

3. Come Back

Dogs often tend to get loose and runoff from the leash which can be quite irritating as you have to go on a sprint chase after him. Now the word “comeback” will save you from that frustrating chase if your dog bolts after something. Yell out “comeback” loudly so that your dog can listen and stops on his track. Keep calling until the dog walks back and comes to you.

4. Down

Make the dog respond to the word “Down” with full authority, so the dog stops jumping instantly on any person. Make use of your index finger pointing it towards the ground while showing it to your dog. Keep repeating it till the time the dog does not kneel down completely. Once he does that praise him or give him a treat if required.

5. Heel

It helps in making the dog walk parallel to you rather than pulling you or going off the path. Choose a word that your dog recognizes and he stays by your side. Whenever the dog starts pulling the leash or lunges forward, stop immediately and speak out your call in a loud way. Repeat this until the time dog responds attentively to your word. Give rewards or praise when the dog obeys you. It is particularly useful for controlling large breeds like German shepherd and Rottweiler.

6. Lie Down

Telling your dog to “lie-down” is meant for controlling certain unwanted behaviors like jumping and counter surfing. It will restrict your pooch to the floor, making him lie on his belly and wait until he is told to get up again. Do this recurrently and once he responds positively to you, reward him with treats and praises.

7. No

Make your dog respond to whenever you say “NO” as they are often up to mischief or some other thing. Say “NO” in a loud and clear manner to make the dog go into a self-checking mode, which will stop his activity right in-between.

8. Drop It

If your dog has a habit of picking up things like shoes, newspaper or other things for biting, in such situation saying “drop it” will work like magic for you. Speak out with a voice that makes the dog realize you don’t like his acts. Keep repeating it till the time the dog doesn’t let go the stuff he has grabbed in his mouth, and it will also prevent him from ingesting anything harmful.

9. Leave It

It works like a trump card to prevent the dog from picking up anything from the table or grab the shoes for chewing off. You need to speak authoritatively so that the dog stops there itself and retreats from his mischievous act right that moment. Once the dog leaves it, then praise him a little. Repeat this whenever the dog attempts to pick unwanted things.

10. Wait

“Wait” helps in for telling your dog not move until or unless you say so. It will prevent him from bolting out of the car, room or out of the crate. You need to practice it even when the dog is on the leash, to stop him lunging ahead of you. See that you praise him once he has obeyed your command as it will make him abide by your word more thoroughly in future.

Therefore by using the ten commands given above, you will be able to establish a good authority on your dog. Once the dog learns to obey these commands, it will be helpful to keep the dog safe, happy as well as prevent him from creating trouble for other people around.

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